Dew Tour day one: BMX highlights, results

Xpress has you covered in case you missed the non-stop action at the Dew Tour’s kickoff at Civic Center Plaza yesterday.

Milton Martinez finished first in the non-elimination round of the Skate Street Prelim, with Theotis Beasley finishing in last.

Kyle Baldock finished first in the BMX Dirt Prelim, which captivated large crowds eager to watch the professional BMXers land spectacular tricks or wipe out. But the sixth place finisher wasn’t a professional at all, it was amateur cyclist Nick Bruce, who qualified to compete in the Dew Tour by winning the free flow tour, the official amateur tour series of the Dew Tour, earlier yesterday.

Chad Kerley put on a show at the Street BMX Street Semi-Final, exciting the crowd and whipping the announcer into an “oh my god!” frenzy. The judges were impressed too and awarded Kerley first place, with Garrett Reynolds coming in a close second.

When the sun set, the engines fired up and Adam Jones was able to edge out the competition and take first place in the spectacular, and perhaps the event that had the largest crowd, FMX Triple Threat Final.

City officials joined spectators on the steps of City Hall, or looked on from their office windows, as Jones narrowly defeated Takayuki Higashino (2nd place) and Wes Agee (3rd place). The loud engines propelled the athletes high in the air in front of the building, but it was their creativity and finesse that had the crowd in awe.

Stay tuned for a video interview with skaters Theotis Beasley and Paul Rodriguez to keep an eye on today’s semi-finals.