The Fashion Blueprint: Lingerie enhances intimacy, seduction

Shopping for lingerie can be daunting, but don’t get your panties in a bunch just yet. Lingerie is not only an important staple in a woman’s life, but in her relationship as well.

Lingerie is not the same as the undergarments women wear in their daily lives. It is meant for special occasions, and the power of these intimates can enhance the energy and excitement for that special occasion. These intimates are sensuous, comfortable and the lightest garment on a woman’s body.

“Lingerie is a necessity in a woman’s life,” Victoria’s Secret model Lindsay Ellingson said. “Look what it has turned into. Lingerie is not just something you wear under your clothes, but it gives power and confidence to a woman.”

Revenue for Victoria’s Secret increased by 11.4 percent since last year, bringing in $9.61 billion, according to Wikinvest. The rise has also been attributed to the expansion of the stores accessories, since they now offer luggage and handbags.

Lingerie exudes femininity and exoticness. Unlike men who largely choose between boxers and briefs, women’s undergarments include thongs, stockings, burlesque corsets, bustiers and other pieces.

Good lingerie will not only add spice to a relationship but make temperatures rise in the bedroom. It can shift romance from plain contentment to one ignited with flaming passion.

But are these sexy little numbers splurge-worthy?

We spend nearly one-third of our lives in the bedroom, according to MagforWomen. No partner wants an image of you lying in bed wearing sloppy granny panties, so look good while you’re in there.

According to the Reportlinker, the global underwear industry is estimated to be worth more than $30 billion. The market encompasses a range of lingerie and intimate clothing, with bras representing more than 50 percent of the overall market and corsetry more than 10 percent. Style, evolving fashion trends and factors such as novelty and comfort are the main drivers of this industry.

“Lingerie has become high in demand and women spend so much money to make them feel sexy and beautiful,” Victoria’s Secret model Izabel Goulart said. “It’s not just important, it’s everything.”

Forget the pep talks with the parents and toss the training bras, girls. It’s time to spice it up and bring the good times with sizzling lingerie.