Earth Day inspires student events at SF State


Tote bags made from T-shirts, a bike-powered concert, and students from Fossil Fuel SFSU shouting “dance for the Earth” emphasized SF State student appreciation for Earth Day at Malcolm X Plaza on Thursday, April 17.

The group, SF State ECO Students, tabled the event, as well as many others such as Fossil Fuel SFSU. Fossil Fuel SFSU is currently promoting an initiative to help SF State lower fossil fuel usage. The group had petitions out for students to sign and a photo petition sign that read: “I want SFSU to divest from the fossil fuel industry!”

Clark Hatchet, a member of the SF Department of Environment, rode a “pedal-powered” bike to SF State from downtown San Francisco, which was used to power music at the event. Hatchet said he got the bike from Berkeley-based shop, Rock the Bike.

The “Pedal Powered Concert” highlighted disc jockey Michael Milano, as he rocked a T-shirt saying, “this is why I’m hot,” with the Earth pictured sweating. Owl Paws and Rin Tin Tiger also performed.

By Erica Marquez