Film and theater students collaborate on short film


Photos by Virginia Tieman / Xpress

Narrative directing is a class that brings together writers, performers and cinema majors who collaborate for one main goal — to make a short film. For this course’s final project, the students collaborated with the advanced cinematography class and the writing and performing for film and theater class to combine talent and skill.

Currently titled “Home Sweet Home,” this short film directed by Ariel Sinelnikoff and written by Cody Lewis lets the mind explore a dystopian future where each household has robotic systems called A.I. Shot in just one day, the film stars Drew Reitz as Das, the only actor on screen who finds out he is infected with a virus, changing the course of the story.

Narrative directing teaches students how to direct actors and scripts, and each short film will be screened for all to see May 21 at SF State in the Fine Arts Building in the August Coppola Theater at 7 p.m.