Governor proposes cuts to higher education

Governor Jerry Brown proposed a budget Monday for the 2011-2012 fiscal year that would stipulate a $1.4 billion cut to higher education. The proposed budget would cut 18 percent, or $500 million, from California State University and University of California and $400 million from California community colleges. The budget proposal prompted SF State President Robert Corrigan to respond.

“It is still too early to know what the dollar impact will be on San Francisco State University, but I anticipate that our share of $500 million will be at least $32 million,” wrote Corrigan in an email. “This is on top of the systemic shortfall in our budget that may be as high as $18 million.”

As the new fiscal year for SF State draws near, Corrigan said he plans to hold several meetings concerning the proposed budget with the University Budget Committee, college deans and vice presidents.

“As a campus, our first responsibility should be to convince the Governor and the Legislature that to follow through with a cut of this enormity would be disastrous,” Corrigan said. “A cut of such unprecedented magnitude will require dramatic–and painful–steps to bring SF State’s 2011-12 budget into balance.”

Corrigan assured that he would relay any information he receives to the campus.