BECA students ready for their close-up in upcoming awards show

An Oscars-esque awards show is making its way down the red carpet this week in the style of BECAfest 2014. The only difference: the audience will be cheering for fellow SF State students.

BECAfest emulates Hollywood’s awards shows in its annual showcase of broadcast department students and their work throughout the year. This is the festival’s 18th year celebrating the work the students complete, which was produced in a course called ‘Television Production and Planning.”

“From the very beginning we are producing and putting on a show run by students,” said BECAfest stage director and scriptwriter Lauren Kale. “The point of the class is to teach us how stressful and ridiculous it is to be in show business.”

Every past BECAfest has featured a specific theme the show revolves around, but the long-standing tradition of keeping it a secret is no different this year. Production members wouldn’t divulge any details because it would ruin the surprise element of the event.

The showcase features a fun pacing similar to that of the Oscars or Grammys, where a red carpet leads audience members into Studio One. From there they are treated to music, a presentation of the students’ work and the final awards ceremony.

BECAfest stage director William Maltez provided an even simpler breakdown: “Doors open at 6:30, red carpet, I’ll leave it at that,” he said. “Sit down (and) just wait for the show. It’s as if you are attending the Grammys.”

The students’ entries are judged in about 14 categories, including video, audio, screenwriting, radio, sound art and experimental video. When the winners are revealed, they come onto the stage and receive the Becky Award and give an acceptance speech.

BECAfest is even more special because the students direct and produce the show themselves. Jessica Flynn, a producer of the event, said last year’s festival garnered over 200 people, and she believes this year’s event will be an even bigger success.

Kale said there will also be an added component of the show for viewers not able to attend the actual event.

“We’re also streaming (the show) live on air,” she said. “That’s going to be on and so you don’t actually have to attend the show to watch the show, which I think is one of the best parts about BECAfest because it can be global.”

Kale and Flynn added that a “making of” video, which chronicles the behind-the-scenes making of the show, will also be available for viewers a week following the students’ graduation.

BECAfest 2014 begins at 7 p.m. May 16 in Studio One in the Creative Arts Building. The event is free. Those unable to attend can view the live broadcast at: