Photo Story: Student finds balance in life through dance


Madelin Braun (center) goes barefoot in point class, Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015. (Xpress / Ryan Zaragoza)

Maintaining a healthy balance among schoolwork and homework, a job, personal time and a social life is struggle many face. For student dancer Madelin Braun, balance has a deeper meaning.

“Figuring out that perfect balance is what I love about (dance),” said Braun, a 22-year-old math major and dance minor at SF State. “It makes life feel like you’re constantly dancing, and we learn and try to perfect that dance as we go.”

Braun said she is constantly calculating her every step as a dancer.

“You have to have proper balance,” Braun said. “I’m not just talking about dancing either – you can’t just show up and expect to know every step. You have to engage your mind and body, like you would anything else in life.”

Braun is a part of the dance department on campus, which is known as the University Dance Theatre. Braun starred in “Emergence: New Moves Choreography Showcase,” directed by associate professor Ray Tadio, in December 2015.

Only five of the dances from the previous performances will be selected for the showcase this spring, “The Invention of Wings,” according to Braun. Four of the five that are chosen are faculty pieces, while the fifth is by Oberlin Dance Collective based in San Francisco.

Performance dates for “The Invention of Wings” are April 7th-9th at 8 p.m. in the McKenna Theatre on campus, as well as on April 10th at 2 p.m.