Holiday Weigh-In helps students stay on track with fitness goals

After a short week away from school, some students returned to campus regretting their holiday indulgences.

“Looking back at what I ate during thanksgiving, I’m kind of like – uh that was a lot – I kind of need to get back into getting healthy again,” said kinesiology major, Briana Duculan.

Knowing how hard it can be to manage a healthy lifestyle, SF State’s Village Fitness Center has organized a program to help students stick to healthy habits during the holidays.

Like Duculan, other students returned from break with a desire to get back into a healthy regime, which is why the Village Fitness Center organized the Holiday Weigh-In, a program set to motivate people to stay healthy and active during the holiday season. The center has organized the program for the past few years, but this year they have decided to make things more enticing by giving prizes to those that participate.

“The great Holiday Weigh-In is not an activity based program but more of a tracking progress program,” said Village Fitness Center Program Manager Dana Merrit through email.

“Members and non-members will set up a time to meet with a personal trainer before, during and after the holidays where they will take their weight, body measurements and body fat percentage.”

The Holiday Weigh-In is open to Village Fitness Center members and non-memb89= and consists of three scheduled weigh-ins where participants set up on their own terms to discuss fitness goals and progress with their trainer.

Michael Cala, a kinesiology major and trainer at the fitness center, encourages people to participate in the program to stay motivated through alerts and reminders sent from trainers.

“It’s a nice way to track your progress and see how everything’s been going,” Cala said. “Whether you have specific fitness goals in mind, or just want to stay on track during the Holidays, this is a good way to keep things moving.”

Although the program began just before Thanksgiving break, those interested in getting involved still have an opportunity to do so. According to Merrit, prospective participants are able to participate in the weigh-ins free of charge until the new year and can schedule them before the end of January, on their own terms.

“These meetings with a trainer will allow the participants to chat with a professional about their fitness journey, ask questions about their weigh-ins and keep focused on their fitness goals,”  Merrit said.

During these meetings, participants will receive advice curated to their personal goals. For example, trainers may suggest taking certain fitness classes, or particular exercises aligned with their fitness plan.

The last chance to schedule a weigh-in will be the first week of spring semester and prizes include water bottles, towels and gift cards to GNC.