Dinosaurs packs a flavorful punch


Edgar Fennie (right) sips a refreshing thai iced tea from Dinosaur after finishing his spicy tuna sando during lunch rush at San Francisco, Calif. Fennie’s friend (left), a SF State student declined for to be identified. (Garrick Wong/Xpress)

If sandwiches are your go-to for lunch, the Vietnamese sando shop, Dinosaurs, is a hole in the wall eatery you don’t want to miss. This hidden gem offers a heap of flavors that work in harmony with every  single bite. Located between Woodacre Drive and Junipero Serra Lakeside, Dinosaurs is a short a mile and a half away from SF State.

Edgar Fennie, geology and earth science major at SF State, was introduced to Dinosaurs by his girlfriend, who knows the workers here at Dinosaurs. . “The food here is different and very good, and it offers viable options for college students like me,” Fennie said.

At first glance, it’s easy for one to mistake the shop for a shack, but those who know about Dinosaurs  know that the food is not only affordable, but delicious.

[/media-credit] Dinosaur’s famous grilled pork sandwich

Caitlin Rand, health education major at SF State, said that after her friend in Ingleside introduced her to their special Banh Mi and mango mint smoothies, she frequently makes the trip back. “Their food here is… consistently delicious, fast, and affordable,” Rand said.

As a food connoisseur myself, I find that Dinosaurs offers a wide variety of options ranging from spring rolls to chilled beverages such as Thai ice tea, Vietnamese coffee and slushies. They are known for their special Banh Mi sando that consists of slow roasted pork, fancy pork loaf, pork pate and the traditional toppings of pickled vegetables with a hint of spice.  

One of my all-time favorites is their grilled pork sando. The heaviness of the meat is contrasted by the perfectly dilled pickles and the slight kick of jalapenos. Each bite is an explosion of flavor that latches onto the taste buds.

With sandwiches ranging from $7 to $9 and various options that include vegetarian specials, it’s hard for patrons not to keep coming back, according to Dinosaurs employee Shanky Sandhi.

“I have worked here at Dinosaurs for about a year now and I just love working here because not only do I get the opportunity to make good food but I get the opportunity to pay off bills for my education,” Sandhi said. “One of the main reasons that customers and regulars love coming here is because of the quality of our food; we get our bread fresh every morning and our ingredients are always fresh as well.”

I fell in love with this place because of its simplicity, quality and promise of keeping the same great flavor at the same low price — everything that matters to a broke college student wanting a little flavor and spice in their life.