The Depot strives to offer more diversity


Students gather in The Depot at SF State in San Francisco, Calif., on Wednesday, January 25, 2017. (Shahni Ben-Haim)

The Depot, a haven for music lovers, artists and performers hidden away on the lower level of the Cesar Chavez building, is hoping to expand their lineup to reflect the diversity of both the campus and the city.

The art hub is open to SF State students and the public, providing an outlet to display artistic fluidity, and for peers and the community to soak up creative energy.

The Depot stage manager, Nilo Amiri, hopes to book a much wider array of events and performers that will attract audiences with different tastes and cultural backgrounds.

“I think one of the biggest things is not so much a certain type of event but just …being more inclusive with our bookings,” said the marketing management major. “We definitely want to get more bands or artists fronted by people other than white men.”

James Reichert’s goal as The Depot’s assistant manager this semester is to keep people interested in coming to events, whether they are loyal fans or new to the venue.

“This past semester we really expanded the type of shows that we were having,” Reichert said. The broadcast and electronic communication major explained that the campus venue is trying to attract old and new fans with a more eclectic lineup.  

Trevor de Gorter is an SF State student who frequently attends events at The Depot, and said he enjoys the open environment for students to play music while he does homework with friends.

“I was just working on some homework earlier with a friend here and a jazz band just started playing, so it was just kind of a spontaneous jazz show,” de Gorter said. “That’s really cool.”

The next event at The Depot is scheduled for February 1 at 6 p.m. The event will be an “art social” where students can decorate the walls of The Depot freely with their own artwork and interpretations.

The events in February include the art social, SPEAK open mic night, comedy night, karaoke night, jazz night, Good Vibes, Off Top Tuesday. Bands Surf Curse, ACID GHOST, and Pity Party Girls Club are performing on February 16.

“Come out to The Depot, it’s a good vibe and we have at least three events a week so there is always something going on,” Reichert said.

To stay updated with events at The Depot throughout the semester, be sure to follow The Depot on Facebook and Instagram (@thedepotsf).