New sports bar in Parkmerced caters to thirsty SF State students

Offering more than just the convenience of a quick drink, Park 77, a new bar that has opened up just blocks away from campus, offers a local, neighborhood feel with patrons varying from SF Statestudents to people who were raised in the surrounding apartments.

SFSU bar
Jay Scott manages the bar at Park 77 sports bar, located next to Park Merced. Photo by Andrew Lopez.

Located at 77 Cambon Dr. in Parkmerced, Park 77 is a laid-back sports bar just several blocks away from SF State. On any given afternoon, a variety of neighborhood locals and a few students can be found rubbing elbows and catching a game.

Aside from having a variety of beer on tap and a wall full of liquor, patrons can either sit at the bar or enjoy the bar’s spacious back patio and order food. Although Park 77 does not have its own kitchen, the food comes from restaurants that share the same parking lot.

“We really wanted to bring the block together,” said Jay Scott, the daytime bartender.

Although Park 77 is not licensed to prepare food, patrons can order from neighboring restaurants.

“I will call them, they’ll bring it down to you and you never have to leave your bar stool,” Scott said.

SFSU bar
Park 77 sports bar offers skee ball, pool and a variety of arcade games for patrons. Photo by Andrew Lopez.

The bar has more to offer than a full stomach and an affordable drink. There is also a mixture of SF State students and other people from the neighborhood. With six televisions playing various sports, an MP3 jukebox, two pool tables and a few arcade and pinball machines, there are plenty of opportunities to challenge your friends to a game. The bar already has seen its fair share of patrons from the local shops and surrounding apartments, catching a game or playing one, since its opening in July.

Scott isn’t sure how successful Park 77 has been with SF State students yet because the semester just started, but he definitely wants to see more people from campus in the bar.

“We’re still on our training wheels,” Scott said. “But we definitely want to be a part of the SF State community.”

On September 9, Park 77 will be holding a back to school party with $1 deals on Coors and Pabst Blue Ribbon brand beers and a $6 deal on Long Island iced teas starting at 8 p.m. with a free selection of songs on the jukebox.

“I love it,” said Fernando Pacheco, who stopped in for a drink after a class last Friday evening. “The staff is like family, so it’s chill. It’s relaxed and cool and it’s convenient.”

Pacheco isn’t the only patron who enjoys the atmosphere. At one of the two pool tables surrounded by Sailor Jerry illustrations, three more SF State students started a game.

“It’s a pretty cool atmosphere,” said Nenad Radmanovic as he chose a pool cue.

Including its presence on Facebook and Twitter, Park 77 is also relying on word of mouth as its main form of advertising.

“If I was a student, I’d come here,” said Elijah Penick, who works nearby. “It’s close and you don’t have to go downtown. You get to pick your own music.”

Park 77 is cash only and does not have a happy hour.