Sink your teeth into Devil’s Teeth Baking Company, a gem in the Outer Sunset


Clara Davis, draws with chalk on her break at Devil’s Teeth Baking Company on 3876 Noriega Street, in San Francisco on Friday, March 31, 2017 (Sarahbeth Maney/Xpress).

For some Outer Sunset residents, a great morning begins with the scent of fresh pastries and fried bacon from the kitchen at Devil’s Teeth Baking Company.

For nearly six years, Devil’s Teeth Baking Company, located between 45th and 46th avenues on Noriega Street, has provided hungry patrons with affordable, $3-$7, binge-worthy choices like their notorious Special Breakfast sandwich, a buttermilk biscuit topped with fluffy scrambled eggs, lemon-garlic aioli, pepper-jack cheese, creamy avocados and thick-cut applewood smoked bacon.

“This is always my go-to place in the sunset for breakfast sandwiches,” said Jeff Brand, an Outer Sunset resident. “What makes the breakfast sandwiches special here is that they have perfected the consistency every time, which means every time you go to Devil’s teeth, they will always make it good.”

After his first bite of the Special Breakfast sandwich, Brand immediately knew he had to share the experience with someone special. His girlfriend and a soon-to-be SF State graduate, Jeaneilla Vinos, was the first person he had in mind.

As Vinos dove into the buttery biscuit, the look on her face was one Brand described as, ‘love at first bite.’

“My first experience at Devil’s Teeth was heavenly,” said Vinos. “I was amazed by how beautifully composed the Special Breakfast sandwiches were here compared to other breakfast sandwiches, which could be greasy and super oily.”

Devil’s Teeth Baking Company has many devoted followers including locals, students, beach goers and those with a passion for food.

Devil’s Teeth employee and SF State consumer family science and food systems management major Chelsea Calmes

is among the fandom of all things food. She hopes her degree will help expand her food knowledge.

Calmes has worked at the local bakery for 15 months now, and after working alongside owner Hillary Passman, she doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

“The owner actually understands the importance of school and provides flexible hours for the employees,” said Calmes. “Working here has also provided me with a vast knowledge of all the goods here, and one that I would highly recommend is Devil’s Teeth famous cinnamon rolls.”

The $5 cinnamon rolls are crafted from a recipe passed down by Passman’s grandmother, and surpass the average sugar-glazed pastry. Instead, each bite latches to your palette like honey and peanut butter.

SF State’s Peet’s Coffee and Café Rosso became the first campus locations to sell Devil’s Teeth goods on campus during the spring 2017 semester.

“I think it’s cool that Devil’s Teeth Bakery is offering the baked goods here because students seem to love it a lot,” said Diego Moreno, a barista at SF State’s Peet’s Coffee. “We get a shipment from Devil’s Teeth about a few times a week and once it’s sold out it’s sold out, so get it while you can.”