Digital masterminds create a future during classes


There are music producers at SF State living as students trying to balance school and their art form. Three producers share what it’s like to hone their craft, as well as their personal thoughts on the music that they love to make and listen to. We underlaid some of each artist’s music on their corresponding track and grouped all the sources together in a playlist format. Hopefully, this will help get the word out on the individual producers and the music that they work with.

Pano Panagiotides (Chubbs) is a 24-year-old marketing major driven to make a name for himself in the EDM world by making G-house music that makes the listener dance to heavy bass beats. 

Carlo Abrera (Earlobe) is a 20-year-old business major, emphasizing in information systems, loves to create genre-bending music that incorporates his root love of hip-hop, allowing him to express himself and be happy. 

Caleb Puro is a 22-year-old communications major who produces music of different varieties in the electronic dance genre including house, R&B and hip-hop influences so people can dance and get in the groove.