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Top 5 hidden Netflix horror movies

Halloween is approaching, which means certain spooky traditions that people hold dear are beginning. One of those traditions include screenings for horror movies.

Ghosts, monsters and evil things run amok in horror movies, which is why people love them.

Glen Walters, Ph.D., explained this desire to be scared in the 2004 Journal of Media Psychology.

He wrote, “The violation of societal norms, a common theme in many horror pictures, may attract the attention of some viewers because it is outside the viewer’s normal everyday experience.”

And there’s no better place to watch the best spine-chilling films than online streaming. According to Netflix, the world of linear TV is now on a decline and streaming is now more popular than ever.

The more eyes on Netflix, the more horrifying dreams will bedevil innocent dreams.

With that said, here are some of the top horror treasures that Netflix has to offer that will make you crap your pants:

  1. V/H/S 2 

If the point of Halloween is to have fun with friends, but also to induce cringe-worthy thoughts and gastrointestinal problems upon them, then “V/H/S 2” is the film to watch.

This film is episodic, comprising four gory and horrifying stories, all unrelated to one another. It is the second in a three-film franchise, and it is also the one that gives nightmares to those who cannot rest.

The film is shot in a found-camera style. A woman and a man visit an empty house to discover a bunch of videotapes, in which they view three. They include surgeries that give characters the power to see dead people, a blood-crazy cult that sacrifice the unborn babies of the innocent and abducting aliens who kill dogs.

Halloween is a day to celebrate the dead and the scary. “V/H/S 2” accompanies that idea in 92 minutes of fun for you and your friends to enjoy.

  1. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil 

For those who want their funny bone tickled, “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil” will be the laughter-generating movie of the night.

It’s a horror movie turned on its head with all the horror tropes of a group of college students in a cabin in the woods being harassed by killer hillbillies. However, the perspective is of the hillbillies, mistaken for killers but are really lovable and friendly goofballs.

“Tucker & Dale vs. Evil” is the April Fool’s version of “Wrong Turn,” the B movie about redneck cannibals that kill unsuspecting young adults in a forest, which makes it a must-watch, especially since the comedy is made up of slapstick humor. Accidental deaths galore!

  1. The Invitation 

“The Invitation” is a movie that, if you want a buildup to a grand finale, will guarantee that you feel uncomfortable in the best way possible.

As a man goes to a reunion with a handful of friends to his old house, his ex-wife and her husband show signs throughout the night of a menacing plot they plan to execute on their visiting friends.

It’s more of an ominous experience going into “The Invitation” blind of the synopsis. The movie is a slow burn that will have you attached to the main character because he is so down-to-Earth. This slow burn leads to a finale of upsetting mind games that will leave your skin crawling.

“The Invitation” is a Halloween nightmare for the fans of realistic psychological thrillers.

  1. The Void 

When Halloween is mentioned, do monsters, blood and scary makeup come to mind? “The Void” has these in spades.

This ‘80s body-horror throwback involves a police officer, and some other townsfolk, being stuck inside a hospital surrounded by a cult, all members whom wear white robes and an upside down black triangle on their faces. The cult keeps them inside the hospital where evil, blood-soaked entities from another dimension are coming out of the basement, and where a hidden portal lies to a place where time and space don’t exist.

“The Void” is trippy and gory as hell. It might even be hell. This one is for the fans of Halloween lore who are excited by dressing up and scaring people.

  1. Hush 

The cream of the crop on Netflix’s hidden Halloween gems list is this original serial killer film.

Imagine Jason or Michael Myers stalking you in a remote cabin in the woods, but you’re deaf.

A simple but fresh take on the slasher genre, “Hush” has the privilege of being directed so well by Mike Flanagan, who has shown to be one of the new faces of horror behind the camera with films such as “Oculus” and “Ouija: Origin of Evil.”

To add onto the praise, Kate Siegel, as the protagonist, and John Gallagher Jr., as the killer, give excellent performances. They allow every moment to not be wasted and really let the viewer feel as if this were happening to them.

This is the movie to watch on Halloween if you’ve seen “Halloween,” “Friday the 13th” and “NIghtmare on Elm Street.” “Hush” will take you on a horror ride that ensures you will urinate in your pants.

With the absence of sound being one of the main selling points of “Hush,” the sound mixing and design make the feature one of the scariest films on Netflix today.

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Top 5 hidden Netflix horror movies