Anatomy of a suitcase: Spring Break

Spring Break is a time to let loose and celebrate the end of midterms. But, the most important part of entering into this fun-filled vacation is the destination. Whether getting ready for a ski trip or a sandy beach on a different continent, it’s crucial to have all the necessities in order to experience a complete excursion.


  • Warm Climate


When venturing out of NorCal’s cold and rainy weather to a warmer climate, it’s always important to pack your best tropical outfit. Bright colors, matching sets and rompers are the best way to kiss San Francisco’s weather goodbye. Make sure to pack your best swimsuit or bikini for laying on the beach, cutest slide sandals and tote bags. Dig out your sunglasses that have been hiding in your drawer for months and a camera for all the beautiful, picturesque scenery. Warm vacations mean taking multiple dips in bodies of water so it’s important to pack shampoo and facial cleanser to stay clean and rejuvenated throughout the week.


  • Cold Climate


If you’re leaving San Francisco for another cold city, it’s a little easier to pack. But, it’s also important to be prepared. Pack the most comfy and stylish knit sweater along with a nice coat. The worst thing is being cold and uncomfortable on vacation. Remember to include your favorite pair of jeans and boots to keep your feet warm. Small accessories such as, mittens, beanies and thick socks are also a must. It’s possible to get sick while on vacation, especially in a rainy setting, so packing medicine is smart so you won’t have to make an unplanned trip to a drugstore. For people with dry skin, it’s necessary to have lotions and Vaseline handy.


  • Party City


If you’re planning to party throughout the whole vacation, Vegas or a party city might be where you’ll end up. Always pack your best dress for dancing at night and outfit for walking around by day. If it’s walking along the Las Vegas strip or the streets of this entertaining city, it’s key to have a cute and comfortable outfit. Jeans and a crop top with shoes you can wear during the day and night, so you don’t have to pack multiple. But, desert cities such as Vegas can also encounter cold weather during this time of year, so packing a sweater or knit cardigan is significant for this specific trip.


With all these things in your suitcase, it’s a guarantee to experience an amazing Spring Vacation.