Black Unity Center town hall meeting discusses change within organization


In the wake of the 50th anniversary of the 1968 SF State student strike, which was carried out by members of the Black Student Union and Third World Liberation Front, issues of undermining black students voice’s and injustice to black faculty members remain.

The Black Unity Center town hall meeting was held on Sept. 4 to begin a discussion surrounding injustices the BUC is facing, and what steps they may take to fight back against the administration attempting to silence them.

Chantel Heard, president of the BUC, said, “The three most important goals of the BUC is to reinstate former director McDougal, have advisory board proposed in Fall 2017 approved and move our organization out of Student Affairs and into Africana Studies.”

Professor Serie McDougal has been a part of the BUC and Africana Studies for 10 years but was released on an un-renewed contract without explanation from the administration over the summer. His release broke an administrative promise that resulted from the 68′ strike.

Town hall participants expressed frustration with the administration’s prejudiced actions with their comments in the question and answer portion of the meeting. Together, they plan to strike with picket signs in front of the administration offices to fight for their needs. McDougal encouraged students, “The only way to not get what you want, is if the black student population is divided.”