Gaming club gets complete overhaul, along with a new president


Courtesy of Unsplash

For many college students, playing video games offers them an escape from the heavy course loads and rigors of college life. However, at SF State, an official gaming club was something that wasn’t on the radar for many — until now.

Dan Janes, a computer science major at SF State, is taking over as the new president of the campus gaming club this semester.

The students who have been fortunate enough to hear about the club don’t really know much about it.

“I heard that there was a club on campus,” said civil engineering major Keondre Williams. “I used to see some flyers around campus but never went out of my way to look into it.”

Janes, who is also a brand ambassador for the SF Shock, the city’s official competitive “Overwatch” team, is hoping to revitalize the gaming club and scene on campus.

“The gaming club is getting a complete revamp here on campus,” Janes said. “We are going to be holding more online and in-person events, tournaments, socials and watch parties.”

Janes reiterated several times that he wants the club to be more active both online and on campus.

He also mentioned that there isn’t a preference for any specific genre of games in the club.

“We love all games, no, really, all games,” Janes said with excitement. “But our ‘main’ games are ‘League of Legends,’ ‘Overwatch,’ ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,’ ‘Hearthstone’ and ‘Super Smash Bros.’”

As far as introducing a new game, the club is 100 percent open to it. Anyone is welcome to recommend their favorites.

“I think SF State needs to lead the other colleges in the Bay Area in how it’s done,” Janes said when asked about the importance of having an active gaming scene on campus. “We are building a club that will represent every kind of gamer, from the hardcore tournament player to the for-fun social gamer.”

Pulling a few strings and having connections with those within the SF Shock organization will soon pay dividends for the club.

“I am really excited to start working with lots of brands, like Tespa, Twitch, NRG, Damage and others to get the resources to put on some truly awesome events for the students and surrounding communities,” Janes said.

SF State does not officially recognize the gaming club yet, but Janes hopes to get their support behind him and the organization soon.

The gaming club currently has a competitive “Overwatch” team roster set, but is actively recruiting esport athletes for “League of Legends,” “Hearthstone,” “Heroes of the Storm” and “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.”

Although the club doesn’t have consistent meeting times just yet, those interested in it can visit to engage with all of the club’s social media accounts and stay up to date with the ongoings of the organization.

With the growth that gaming and competitive play has experienced within the last decade, having an official gaming club at SF State could be a positive addition to the rest of the organizations on campus and help ease the minds of college students from the hard work they put in toward achieving their degrees.