Movements behind Ford allegations


The movement #Metoo, took the internet by storm with victims of sexual assault taking a stand against their perpetrators and standing in solidarity together. The movement started by Tarana Burke sparked when Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltrow and over 20 more women accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault.

Similarly to #MeToo, a series of internet movements in the form of hashtags have started since Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh.#BelieveSurvivors and #StopKavanaugh are a couple that are behind events such as a candlelight vigil and a national walk out to stand in solidarity with Ford and all victims.

At the Powell Cable Car turnaround people chanted, sang the proclaimed anthem for the movement MILCK’s song “Quiet” and shared testimonies to show they believe Dr. Ford. A woman, who didn’t disclose her name shared her story, and others urged each other to call their members of congress in attempts to stop Kavanaugh from being elected. Meg O’Shaughnessy, who was at the candlelight vigil, said that movements such as #BelieveSurvivors and #MeToo are important to show that the people behind it are unstoppable, and that they they won’t stop until there is fairness justice and equality for women in a “sexist patriarchy” that has the power in this country. Kavanaugh is President Trump’s nominee to fill Justice Kennedy’s seat in the Supreme Court. Since Justice Kennedy was known as the swing vote in the Supreme court, these people are concerned that if a close nominee of Trump such as Kavanaugh fills Kennedy’s seat, that the court will be more in Trump’s favor. Steve Rapport suggested everyone at the vigil to urge people to call their members of congresses to stop Kavanaugh from being appointed to Supreme Court.

On September 24th, people around the nation participated in a walk out in solidarity with Christine Ford. Citlali Mosqueda and Chantel Bermudez, who are apart of Planned Parenthood Generation Action, wore all black while getting students to register to vote. Trying to get students involved in politics, they believe that voting is one of the first steps in order to see change in this political climate.

The overturn of Roe v Wade, healthcare, LGBTQ+ rights, and now the idea of having a man who is accused of sexual assault by three women, are the main concerns the movement has if Kavanaugh gets elected but, more importantly these movements have started due to the deep rooted instinct society has to not believe victims of sexual assault.