Advocates recognize Mental Health Awareness Day


Every day, millions of Americans are faced with the reality of living with a mental illness. Each year on Oct. 10, healthcare professionals and associations raise awareness on mental illnesses across America.

The World Federation for Mental Health first enacted “Mental Health Awareness Day” in 1992 to bring attention to the major effects of mental illness. Since there is a growing recognition for mental illness today, it is critical to understand why this has become a dire issue.

One in five Americans suffer from a mental illness on a daily basis, and many of these individuals often do not seek help. Mental Health Awareness day was brought about to shed light on the concerns and causes of mental health issues in America.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, government agencies and mental health advocates have gathered together to hold events that educate individuals on the causes and treatments of mental illnesses. Not only is Oct. 10 Mental Health Awareness Day, but the week of Oct. 7-13, 2018 is Mental Awareness Week. If you visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness website, you can view events and workshops near you.

Prevention is key to people leading happy and healthy lives, and Mental Health Awareness Day is the perfect time to raise awareness on an issue that is so common, yet rarely talked about. Take time to consider your friends and families’ mental health, not only today, but every day.