Asian American studies department to host Bob Avakian


The Asian American studies department is hosting a film presentation about how people need an actual revolution and how it can be done. This film showcase a speech led by Bob Avakian, a Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

“Why we need an actual revolution and wow we can really make revolution” discusses the possibility of a radically different world.

“It is important for all students to engage with the subject matter because in today’s situation, especially with Trump pumping up his fascist hate and attacks every day,” said Scott Wong, volunteer of Revolution Books in Berkeley. “Everyone is told this system is the only choice, even if you don’t like it, even if you are outraged by the horrors on a daily basis, and even if you have doubts of reform.”

Students and faculty are welcome to join the discussion about revolution vs. reform. The film showcase will be held in the ethnic studies/psychology building on Oct. 31 in room 116.