Activist opens cafe for civic engagement in Mission District


Where do you physically go to become a better citizen? This is the question that owner Manny Yekutiel had in mind when he created his gathering space. Manny’s is a social gathering space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, a pastry and learn something new all at the same time.

This location is a combination of a coffeehouse, bookstore and cafe. There will be poetry slams, question and answer seminars, political speeches and a variety of engaging activities to get the community involved in today’s news.

Manny’s opening night will be held on election night, November 6, 2018. It is a place for the community to visit to communicate and get informed. Owner Manny Yekutiel says, “The idea behind Manny’s is that the community will come into the space and feel joy and feel loved.” Manny’s will serve delicious coffee from Ritual coffee and pastries from Frena bakery in San Francisco.

It is the perfect place to unwind, talk and learn about the world and the news that surrounds it. This space was built so that community members will feel at home and not feel judged for their views or beliefs.

Manny’s is located in the Mission district at, 3092 16th, St. San Francisco. Opening night will be a huge night where the talks of election night will fill the room. Make sure to stop by Manny’s to meet new community member and learn new things about the world around you, so that you in turn will become a better person. Welcome to Manny’s!