Oscar Showcase Tour to premier animated films in Coppola Theater


Film: One Small Step by TAIKO studios

The Oscar Showcase Tour is going to premier national and international animator talent at a film showing in Coppola Theater in the Fine Arts Building at 7:30 p.m. today.

Small independent artists looking to showcase their work are all here. The Oscar Tour is a program that is also going to be presented to animations giants like Pixar, Sony, Disney and DreamWorks.

The SFSU Art Society and Asifa SF, the Bay Area’s Animation community, are hosting the event.

The event is being organized by Ron Diamond, producer and curator of short animations at Asifa SF, who said it’s an event open to everybody.

“We have a wide of range of films that everybody from any age group can enjoy,” Diamond said.

He said some of the creators of the short films are going to be there and it’s a great way for animation lovers to interaction with animators.

“It’s a way for showing how people make films in different parts of the world and is rare for people to have the conversations with the artist behind the film,” he said. “It’s going to spark a lot of interesting discussion, especially with our Q&A panel.”