Sexual assault resources on campus

Last week, the Xpress published a story surrounding a series of sexual crimes on campus. This, understandably, raised many concerns surrounding safety and resources for those affected. Below are a list of resources for victims of sexual violence. 

The SAFE Place, located in the Student Services building, room 205, within the Counseling and Psychological Services office. At the SAFE Place, victims can access confidential services including immediate crisis counseling and assistance with every step of reporting, should the victim choose to do so, as well as academic intervention and medical care. Contact the SAFE Place at 415-338-2208. 

To report any type of sexual misconduct including harassment, discrimination or violence, members of the community should fill out a Title IX reporting form. It is worth noting that, unlike the SAFE Place, Title IX workers are typically bound by mandatory reporting laws, meaning they are obligated to report any such incidents to the university. Contact the Title IX Coordinator Office at 415-338-2032. 

Students who feel unsafe walking across campus past sunset can request an escort courtesy of the University Police Department’s Campus Alliance for a Risk-free Environment (CARE) program. Call UPD’s non-emergency number, 415-338-7200, and ask for an escort.

For emergencies, dial 911 or 415-338-2222 to specifically contact UPD. Emergency phones are also scattered throughout campus for public use. To see the location of all emergency phones, go to the SF State campus map and click on any quadrant. Emergency phone locations are marked with an E. 

The Sexual Violence Prevention Collaborative (SVPC) is an organization comprised of students, professors and other staff all committed to combatting sexual violence on campus. To join the SVPC, contact Denmark Diaz, Men’s Health Educator, at [email protected]