Letter from the editor


Karamel NunezMartinez

The start of a new semester can only be accompanied by feelings of excitement, nerves and dread. Whether that be for our seniors making that final push to graduation or a sophomore just trying to make it to summer break in one piece. Regardless of your position were all striving towards something greater for ourselves. 


At least that’s how I see it, I’m Karamel Nunez Martinez the incoming editor in chief for the Golden Gate Xpress news. In the excitement of taking this position I have a lot of ideas and great ambitions for myself, my team, and the development of this publication. I do know all of this will take time, I’m expecting the first few weeks to be a bit bumpy so I appreciate your patience as we get into the groove of things. 


For my team I wish for nothing but success, with 16 weeks to go I’m hoping we can create some stellar clips and that everyone leaves with work they are truly proud of. 


For my readers, something that’s often mentioned to us is that past staff members of Xpress have made mistakes that have caused us to lose the trust of some of the organizations and departments on our campus. These are the relationships that I hope I can help start the process of fixing by opening the conversation. My email is [email protected], please contact me with any comments, concerns or questions you may have. 


I want to make the most of these 16 weeks and I hope you all tag along.