The Happy Hour bonus episode: WINE WEDNESDAY!

Welcome to a very special bonus episode of the Happy Hour!

On today’s Wine Wednesday mini-episode, hosts Malakai and shaylyn share how they choose which stories to cover on the palate-cleansing podcast. For them, positive stories can either be “feel good” or “happy” news. So what’s the difference between the two? And why is it important to focus on the latter rather than the former?

Our hosts are taking a much-needed mental health break. The Happy Hour will be back with more happy stories, important interviews and tailor-made cocktails on Nov. 6, starting with an episode about the positive outcomes from the election and the way forward.

Listen on Apple Podcasts. Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts and we’ll craft a cocktail in your honor! Find us on Instagram @thhpodcast and on Twitter @happyhournews. Thank you to Arman Billimoria for our theme music and Andres Velasquez for help editing. And happy Filipinx and Spooky History Month! Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy this Wine Wednesday mini-episode.

Feel Good Stories:

News reporter’s cats fight behind her on live TV (link)

A B.C. research project gave homeless people $7,500 each — the results were ‘beautifully surprising’ (link)

Researchers gave thousands of dollars to homeless people. The results defied stereotypes. (link)

Happy Stories:

NASA’s Earth Observatory student worksheet on pink penguin poop (link)

How to Save a Dying Language: The Hawaiian language nearly went extinct. Now it’s being taught in dozens of immersion schools. (link)