24 Oct 2017

Alcohol poisoning: Do you really know the signs?

Imagine this: You’re a freshman at your first college party, you’re having your first drink, and, all of a sudden, someone at the party passes out. What’s your initial reaction?

16 Mar 2017

Student moms struggle with lack of campus facilities

Student mothers are struggling to find a private place to pump breast milk and make diaper changes due to the lack of campus resources for students who have children. According

09 Mar 2017

Gay student shares story of discrimination at Student Health Services

Note: This article is special to Xpress. UPDATE: A previous version of this submitted opinion article included a portrait of the author. Per his request, we have removed his picture due

02 Mar 2017

Student Affairs’ healthy snack program goes unnoticed

The Health Promotion and Wellness unit of Student Affairs launched Nourishing Minds this semester in order to promote healthy snacking habits, but students remain unaware of the new program due

07 Nov 2016

Student educates peers on bone marrow donation

After learning about someone in her community suffering from a rare blood disease, Stephanie Levy became passionate about educating her peers on the benefits of getting cheeks swabbed for the

28 Sep 2016

Campus sees change to peer education

The watermelon pink shirts with a recognizable PEACH symbol used to be a common sight in the quad and many could recognize them at first glance. The shirts were worn

13 May 2016

Chickenpox infects three on SF State campus

Three SF State students have been diagnosed with chickenpox, a highly contagious disease also called Varicella, between April 23 and May 13, 2016 according to Alastair Smith, director of Student Health Services. People

07 Mar 2016

San Francisco startup launches “Uber for birth control”

For people living in the United States, obtaining birth control can be a complex and expensive process. A new San-Francisco-based app called Nurx launched last December and is offering a solution

01 Mar 2016

Giving birth is not as romantic as it seems

There’s nothing like having your first child. That being said, modern pop culture would have you believe that birth is a magical passage full of sunshine and rainbows, but everything I

23 Feb 2016

Sustainability of new wellness center highlighted at community meeting

Capital Planning, Design and Construction met Tuesday, Feb. 22 in Jack Adams Hall with the campus community to discuss the sustainability features of the new Mashouf Wellness Center. The $85.6

09 Feb 2016

Despite controversy, Planned Parenthood remains an important resource

When it comes to your sex life, having the right to know what to do in order to be safe under the sheets is important, and Planned Parenthood is a good

26 Jan 2016

FDA under scrutiny for putting business interests first

[media-credit id=369 align=”aligncenter” width=”430″][/media-credit]  Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders moved to block President Barack Obama’s nominee for the head of the Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday, criticizing his cozy relationship

07 May 2014

Eating organic is delicious, but not necessarily more nutritious

When food is labeled organic, it refers to the process of how farmers grow and process agricultural products. Whether they are fruits, vegetables, meats, grains or dairy products, the organic

07 Oct 2013

Xpress staffer reflects on losing mother to breast cancer

At age 35, my mother was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. I was eight. I vaguely remember her losing her hair while getting more ill and weak with chemo

04 Sep 2013

SF State offers healthy options for a college lifestyle

[set_id=72157635373999906] Many students are faced with the challenge of staying healthy on a college campus, a struggle that often involves weight gain, stress and loss of sleep — but by taking

13 Dec 2012

Gaming is good for your health

It started with “Pong.” A simple game of table tennis on a black and white TV screen. Two lines represent paddles and a square dot for the ball. Nerds rejoiced

19 Jan 2012

SF State students disprove autism stereotypes

Scott Rich studies hard, is passionate in class and has an encyclopedia of a mind that stores statistics, geographic knowledge and all sorts of trivia, and yet he will never be considered

04 Dec 2011

Students should factor sleep into their schedules

“The party last night was too good to pass up,” “I had to study for that midterm,” “I was on stumble all night and I just needed to click one

29 Nov 2011

Depression: with help, there is a chance for a better life

Getting out of bed is rough enough for any college student. But it’s nearly impossible if you have depression. The condition is rampant in college. According to a recent article

29 Nov 2011

Attention Deficit Disorder: a reality for many, not a myth

Sometimes I wonder if I myself have autism. My mom thinks I probably have dementia. You’d never hear anyone casually musing with self-diagnosis of serious mental disorders, unless that disorder

11 Nov 2011

Egg donation: profitable or risky?

Fliers asking young women to donate their eggs with the incentive to get compensated with up to $8,000 are a common sight around campus. Last November, Emily Watson, a 22-year-old

07 Apr 2011

Pharmaceutical method utilizes robots to save lives

When University of California, San Francisco wanted to increase patient safety, it turned to robotic technology and electronics for superior mechanical efficiency. Today, giant robots count and process the medications

08 Mar 2011

Inhumane treatment for soldier seeking justice

When is it wrong to report a crime? When the U.S. military is the guilty party, of course. Bradley Manning, a 23-year-old U.S. Army soldier, is currently being held in