03 Sep 2019

FogCam Stares Death in the Face and Prevails

The FogCam, with its dated, clunky technology and style, greeted both the city of San Francisco and its encompassing fog Sept. 1 after all the obituaries and mournful goodbyes. The

03 Sep 2019

Federal agencies issue e-cigarette warning amid ongoing investigation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned against vaping as it investigates at least 215 instances of severe respiratory disease potentially linked to electronic cigarettes. “Youth, young adults,

12 Sep 2018

SF State Observatory’s first night of observation filled with light

The SF State Observatory kicked off its first night of observation for the semester with a lit up sky on Sept. 10. The observatory, built in the 1970s, is located

06 Dec 2017

Lockers run vacant in the Science Building

Lockers, which usually fill up within the first week of school, are still available inside the Science Building. SF State engineering stockroom equipment technician Michael Lino said that some students

03 May 2017

SF Build brings diversity into science labs

A science lab is often stocked with white laboratory coats and more often than not those laboratory coats are worn by white scientists, but professional Leticia Marquez-Magana has dedicated her

12 Apr 2016

Climate change is a shared crisis

The scientific consensus is clear and overwhelming; climate change is real and accelerating every second. In the last year alone, we have experienced record-breaking heat and droughts that have impacted millions of people

12 Apr 2016

SF State professor maps ‘super earth’

Stephen Kane, a physics and astronomy professor at SF State, and his team have discovered and constructed a thermal image map of a new planet, named 55 Cancri. The new

29 Mar 2016

SF State professor’s “zombie bee” research provides insight into strange phenomenon

On one of his early morning walks to his campus office, professor John Hafernik gazed down and stumbled upon something perplexing – a small discovery that would lead to one

07 Mar 2016

San Francisco startup launches “Uber for birth control”

For people living in the United States, obtaining birth control can be a complex and expensive process. A new San-Francisco-based app called Nurx launched last December and is offering a solution

23 Feb 2016

Inaction is no longer an option for climate change

New research released Monday definitively linked the recent global increase in coastal flooding to rise in sea level as a result of man-made global warming. Though climate change is an