16 Sep 2019

Students strike for sustainable future

Students from the Environmental Studies department are taking their passions beyond the classroom this week by organizing and holding events for global climate week on campus. Students from the Environmental

10 Apr 2019

Oakland teachers still feeling stuck post-strike

At the end of February the Oakland teachers went on strike for higher salaries and smaller classroom sizes. The strike started on Feb 21 and the teachers and Oakland Unified

19 Oct 2018

SF State improv groups commemorate social justice

Gathered on cloth-covered seats, students and visitors clumped together sporadically throughout Knuth Hall at SF State in anticipation of a cultural commemoration. They came to support their friends, search for

15 Oct 2018

Thousands join national strike over Marriot labor disputes

“No Contract – No Peace!” “Uno, dos, tres, quatro… Que queremos? Un contrado!” Picketers and strikers took to the streets chanting and banging objects outside  the Marriott Marquis on Mission

22 Feb 2017

Reflecting on the impact of the ’68 strike, then and now

Interactive graphic by Nicole Ortega History is packed with stories of the oppressed, taking actions against oppressors in order to gain freedom and equality, and SF State played significant roles

16 Feb 2017

San Francisco businesses stand with “A Day Without Immigrants” strike

Businesses all over San Francisco are showing support for their immigrant workforce by closing their doors in participation of “A Day Without Immigrants.” The protest follows President Donald Trump’s pledge

17 May 2016

Hunger strike demands attention from President Wong

SF State students and faculty announced a hunger strike on May 3, 2016 to call attention to the spending cuts to the College of Ethnic Studies. Hassani Bell, Julia Retzlaff,

09 May 2016

BREAKING: Community support strong at hunger strike press conference

Nearly 200 students and faculty gathered in the quad at 12:30 p.m. Monday for a press conference surrounding the four students who began a hunger strike last week in protest

04 May 2016

Office of the President locks doors to strikers

President Leslie E. Wong ordered his office locked down Wednesday in response to the hunger strike for the College of Ethnic Studies. Wong’s office is on the fifth floor of the Administration

03 May 2016

Emotional ties to Ethnic Studies fuel hunger strike

Ethnic studies changed 18-year-old Hassani Bell’s life. “I grew up in East Oakland and I remember hearing gunshots from my window, feeling helpless, hating myself because I couldn’t help that

03 May 2016

Students go on hunger strike for ethnic studies

A group of SF State students began a hunger strike Monday, saying they will not eat until the administration allocates $8 million to the College of Ethnic Studies. SF State students and faculty gathered in

07 Apr 2016

UPDATED: CFA and CSU have reached agreement; strike postponed

The California Faculty Association Board of Directors and the California State University agreed earlier Friday to terms to postpone the strike which, if approved, would amount to a nearly 11

01 Apr 2016

CFA uses mock trial to explain upcoming strike

A jury of SF State students and faculty unanimously found Chancellor Timothy P. White guilty on all charges of his crimes against the California State University system during a mock

28 Mar 2016

Update: Fact finder sides with CFA weeks before state-wide strike

The California Faculty Association announced Monday a third-party fact finder largely sided with the union in their dispute with the California State University over a 5 percent raise. The report

08 Mar 2016

Why I’ll strike: A letter from the CFA chapter president

Twenty-six thousand California State University faculty, including lecturers, counselors, coaches and librarians are poised to strike across all 23 campuses on April 13th if we do not receive a 5 percent

15 Oct 2013

Transit talks continue to threaten students’ commutes

SF State students and faculty, along with the rest of the Bay Area, anxiously await the outcome of the BART negotiations as labor talks continue to drag on and commuters