Fliers that read “Are you sick of anti-white propaganda on college campuses? You are not alone,” in bold, black letters were found outside of the Cesar Chavez Student Center early Monday evening.

A link was printed below the message, therightstuff.biz, which leads to a blog claiming to be the home of the ‘edgiest podcast’ of the year.

Some quotes that adorn the banner of the website are: ‘Go smoke some pot and hate yourself, you fucking failure,’ ‘Obedience to lawful authority is the foundation of manly character,’ ‘You are thoroughly denying your birthright of mastery.’ etc. accompanied with images from Nazi Germany and the Vietnam war.

The blog’s latest post features a man disrupting a protest against Trump’s election holding a sign that says “You lost, go home.”

According to their about page, the blog believes diversity is our greatest strength and claims to explore a multitude of topics such as, nationalism, liberalism, gender roles, feminism, socialism, etc. The about page ends with “also we’re white and we’re not sorry.”

After the election results named Donald Trump the president-elect, the country has been divided in their response to the soon-to-be president.

Protests have erupted throughout college campus and cities all around the country and has led to racial tensions on college campuses, creating a divide between the student body.

The University did not issue a response by the time of publication.

2 thoughts on “Racial Tensions Rise at SF State Post Election”

  1. Seems many of darker skin pigmentation, align now with the spun agenda; whitey is the deVil.
    Hypocrics galore;
    Why is only BLACK and WHITE still used to describe a ethnicity by a SKIN COLOR?
    Racism; which are terms for PAINT colors
    No Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, today, why Black and White?
    So WTF?
    Racisim spun by Media, Corporations,
    Why is BET allowed?
    Would a WET be allowed, NO….way, cause, it was that way..so why the HYPOCRITICAL BS… allowed?
    STOP describing by SKIN TONE, unless you are the HYPOCRITICAL RACIST, .HYPOCRTICAL , and Racist are those very ones voicing their respective outrageabout SKIN pigmentation

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