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Editor’s note: this is an open letter in response to Tomi Lahren, host of TheBlaze’s commentary show “Tomi,” and her recent “Final Thoughts” segment regarding the Trump Presidency and the Black Lives Matter movement. Dear Tomi Lahren, I would like to begin by stating that this

In middle school and high school, I used Facebook to post about my day, share pictures of my recent family vacations and see what romantic relationships had formed, but boy, how times have changed. Recently, it seems like the social networking site has died down. It's become a

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="461"] (Eva Rodriguez / Xpress)[/caption] Last week I received a Facebook message from an old high school classmate who criticized me for posting “too much black stuff” on my social media. “#BlackLivesMatter is ignorant and rude; not all white cops are racist and, besides,