02 Apr 2017

Indecent exposure reported at the J. Paul Leonard library

An indecent exposure incident occurred in the J. Paul Leonard library Saturday afternoon. The incident happened at 3:19 p.m. on April 1 when a non-SF State affiliated female, who was

19 Nov 2015

Woman reports indecent exposure at University Park South

A woman reported an indecent exposure incident at University Park South Thursday morning, according to a safety alert sent out to the campus community. The woman was walking in a

18 Mar 2015

Other victims come forward after suspect arrested

A total of six victims have come forward to the University Police Department in connection to a suspect arrested in Park Merced Thursday for multiple counts of indecent exposure, according

14 Mar 2015

Suspect identified in indecent exposure reports

SF State police arrested a suspect Thursday connected to a reported indecent exposure March 9, according to University officials. The University Police Department arrested 19-year-old Kaine Sinclair and booked him

13 Mar 2015

Two incidents of indecent exposure reported to University police

An incident of indecent exposure at University Park North Wednesday was reported to the University Police Department, according to an SF State email alert. The indecent exposure is the second