ASI working to amend outdated budget

Despite being five weeks into the semester, Associated Students Inc. is currently running on a out of date budget for this year that has not taken into account the additional revenue from the 22 percent increase in student fees collected for the fall semester. Its financial board is aiming to have a revised budget sent to President Robert A. Corrigan Oct. 7.

The specifics of what to do with the additional funds are still being hammered out, but ASI has proposed several ideas on how to use the funds to help students more.

Student fees collected account for 65 percent of the ASI budget and the rest is derived from different program revenues; however, according to Nick Coluzzi, vice president of finance, “most of the programs are not in the green because they don’t charge for their services.”

The Early Childhood Education Center, a program funded by ASI that acts as a day care facility for working and studying members of the SF State community, accounts for 36 percent of the budget, making up the largest chunk of funding distribution. The second largest amount spent of the total ASI budget is on the operational costs of the ASI Business Office, which is $859,800, or 24 percent of the overall budget.

There are several programs available for students at reduced or no cost to students, the funding for which comes from the student fees. The programs include the ECEC, Project Connect, which offers internships and includes the book loan program; Project Rebound, which helps former inmates get an education; the Legal Resource Center, which provides legal advice and referrals; the Women’s Center, which provides a safe environment for women and discusses issues related to women; and Educational and Referral Organization for Sexuality, which provides free services that promote tolerance and responsibility regarding sexuality.

“We try to use the student fees to pay for the services,” Coluzzi said. “We try not to charge students twice.”