California Faculty Association prepares to strike


The California Faculty Association is drawing up plans for a one-day strike to be carried out this semester.

The CFA hasn’t officially declared a strike but is calling for one to be carried out Nov. 17 at CSU East Bay and Dominguez Hills respectively.  The strike will only last one day. The final decision will be made in mid-October.

East Bay and Dominguez Hills were selected because they represent the true demographics of the California State University population in terms of student and faculty demographics and composition, said Brian Ferguson, CFA spokesman.

Other acts of striking will be carried out on all 23 CSU campuses.

“Different forms of striking can vary and don’t necessarily have to be full-on protests and boycotting,” said Ferguson. “The other 21 CSU campuses will hold informational strikes the week before, which can vary between wearing union T-shirts and holding signs. But these forms are not concerted actions demanded by the CFA but rather each individual CSU chapter.”

The union is currently working through negotiations for a new contract and is not satisfied with the proposals being presented.

In the 2008-2009, 2009-2010 academic years, the California State University faculty expected a pay increase. When funding for education was severely cut, they did not receive this increase. The CSU cited the current union contract in doing so, as it states that renegotiation may take place due to changing economic conditions.

The CFA is currently collecting information from all union members to decide what course of action should be taken.

Juan De Anda contributed to this report.