Barbie learns a lesson at SF State

Vanessa Corea, a senior at SF State, is happy with her own version of what a Barbie doll should look like at The Love Your Body Day at Cesar Chavez on February 23, 2011. Karen Kinney / staff photographer

Whether you are full-figured, curvy or thin, whether you are a man or woman, chances are you have felt some unwanted pressure about your appearance at one point or another in your life. But why should you be told how to look? Why should your size be a topic of debate?

This is where SF State’s annual Love Your Body Week comes in to play.

Love Your Body Week is an event hosted by Active Minds, an organization from the Counseling and Psychological Services Center on campus, and is in coordination with National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. The event takes place all this week and intends to raise awareness among students about issues surrounding body image and eating disorders.

“We aim to have students walk away with a greater feeling of self-esteem and enlightened about issues that can affect students at any university,” said organizer Eduardo Galeana in an email.

Galeana explained that the event is also a way to let students know about the various resources that the Counseling and Psychological Services Center offers. These services are offered to students at little or no cost and are easily accessible.

“Students are encouraged to talk about their experience with peers and other members of this campus community so that we can remove the stigma associated with mental health diagnosis and treatment,” Galeana said.

Love Your body Week began yesterday in Malcolm X Plaza and events will continue in the same location. Students will have the opportunity to participate in various Love Your Body  activities including an “Alter Ken and Barbie” workshop, which will take place tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.