SF State Humanities building flooded, no classes canceled

Maintenance staff responded to a flood in the south wing of the Humanities building caused by a ruptured water pipe Sunday Feb. 19 at around 5:30 p.m., after a student reported the flood to the University Police Department, according to SF State Media Relations Assistant Director Nan Broadbent.

The flooding affected approximately 30 rooms, including hallway areas, classrooms and department offices. Classes will still be held as scheduled, Broadbent said.

“Most of [the damage] is in the department offices,” said Associate Dean of Humanities Susan Shimanoff. “When I went through and looked at the [classrooms], I was looking for drippage and I didn’t find much.”

Shimanoff said that most damage was found on the fourth and fifth floors. No electrical problems have been reported and the elevators are running.

SF State has employed Belfor, a restoration and repair company, to assess the damage and take a survey of the moisture still in the walls that would require further repairs. No estimated cost for the repairs has been released.

All damage should be repaired within two weeks, Shimanoff said.

The maintenance department declined to comment on the issue.