Woman sent to hospital after accident on 19th Avenue

A woman was taken to the hospital this morning after she drove her small-sized pickup truck onto the ramp of a commercial utility truck, causing her vehicle to flip over onto 19th Avenue, according to Officer Bryan Lujan of the San Francisco Police Department.

The woman’s status is not known.

Around 6 a.m. the commercial vehicle, owned by United Rentals Aerial Equipment, was parked on 19th Avenue before Holloway Avenue near the Science building. The woman drove onto the open ramp.

Why the United Rentals truck was parked with its ramp down on a major street is not clear, and both the driver and those at his office declined to comment.

“I am not at liberty to discuss this matter,” the driver said. “If you want the name of the company, it’s on the side of the truck.”

Police diverted all southbound traffic through the Stonestown Galleria parking lot and along Buckingham Way. The totaled red pickup truck was removed from the street around 7:15 this morning and by 7:30 19th Avenue was open. The commercial vehicle, however, remained on the curbside of the street with its ramp down and caution cones surrounding it.