VIDEO: Underdog hot dog eating contest bring laughs, surprises

About 200 people crowded the main lobby of Cesar Chavez Student Center April 5th to witness 10 SF State student contestants chow down for the ultimate prize.

At noon, competitors lined up in order to be the first to eat eight Underdog beef hotdogs. The location opened on campus in February. Pre-game strategies for the competition included ripping hot dogs in half, dipping buns in water, and fighting the urge to vomit.

“My main strategy is just don’t choke,” said Christofer Moscoso, cinema major, 20. “Just get as many wieners in my mouth as possible and don’t choke.”

Other competitors were simply hoping for the best after eyeing up the other students.

“I’m very scared,” said Chris Dale, a a graduate student in counseling. “I’m scared of all these guys.”

He went on to win the competition before being disqualified a few seconds later due to vomiting.

The official winner came just a couple of minutes later when kinesiology major Sura Choi claimed victory in 12 minutes and 31.6 seconds.

“After eating all the dogs, it’s the bread,” Choi, 26, said, describing the hardest part of the competition.

Choi took home an trophy, was awarded a free sausage every week for the rest of the semester, and an Underdogs T-shirt. As champion, he will also have his photo placed in the Underdog storefront.