PHOTOS: SF State men's soccer loses second game to Academy of Art

The Gators stomached yet another loss this season after Academy of Art University’s senior forward, Grimur Grimsson, scored the winning goal with only 40 seconds left in the game, bringing the final score to 2-1.

In an intense series of plays, Grimsson scored from six yards over SF State goalkeeper Anthony Rodriguez, just below the top of the goal.

“Like our coach said, we were the better team for like 89 minutes and 30 seconds,” said Gators’ senior midfielder, Luis Fidel Medina. “In those last 30 seconds, they did one good play and they won the game.”

The final goal came with an unexpected series of events, as the Gators led the game in shots, ending with a total of 20 shots on the Knight’s goal. The Knights, on the other hand, had only five shots on goal.

The Gators also kept up the pressure on Academy of Art’s defense during the first half, staying in possession for the majority of the 45-minute period.

According to senior forward Sasha Chalak, who scored the Gators’ only goal for the game, the team has been working on defensive pressure during practice, aiming to win possession as early in the game and often as possible.

“I think that they were playing a certain style, which was to sit back and wait for us to make mistakes and we did because that’s how they scored the first one,” Medina said.

Despite the Knight’s 24 total fouls, Chalak said he and his team needs to be “more on top of it.”

“I just think that we need to be sharp for 90 minutes,” Chalak said. “We kinda fell asleep for ten seconds and that’s what happens. You fall asleep in this league for that amount of time, and it’s enough to close the game.”