SF State to participate in Voter Registration Day Sept. 25

In an extended effort to get out the vote this presidential election, SF State is joining thousands of volunteers nationwide for the first-ever National Voter Registration Day Tuesday Sept. 25.

Register to vote on campus:

When: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday Sept. 25

Where: Malcolm X Plaza

“Voting is amazing; imagine if we lived under a dictatorship,” said Helen Grieco from Common Cause Campus Groups, who is hosting National Voter Registration Day on campus along with SF State students.

This event coincides with the return of the on-campus polling location for students who call SF State home.

The San Francisco Department of Elections was going to move the polling place to Temple Baptist Church on 19th Avenue because the department was having some difficulties with SF State administration to ensure a reliable location on campus, the department’s spokesman Evan Kirk said.

“SF State is now working with us on the necessary details of establishing a polling place on campus, and we hope to maintain a positive and ongoing relationship with them,” Kirk said.

Grieco, who earned her bachelor’s in women’s gender studies at SF State, will be volunteering along with SF State students to register as many people as possible for the upcoming election.

Another goal of National Voter Registration Day is to educate young people about the voting process, so they will feel more comfortable when they hit the polling place.

“Voting is easier and simpler than you think,” said biology-physiology major Marisa Soski, who is organizing National Voter Registrration Day along with Grieco. “You don’t have to vote for everything if you don’t care about the issue or feel you don’t know enough about it. Vote for what you think is important.”

Volunteers will be in Malcolm X Plaza from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to register students to vote and answer any questions students may have.