Friendship Games unites Filipino American students in fierce competition

SF State CSU Fullerton
SF State's Friendship Game's team participated in the 27th Annual Friendship Games hosted by CSU Fullerton on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012. Photo by Jamie Balaoro / Xpress.

SF State’s Friendship Game’s team participated in the 27th Annual Friendship Games hosted by CSU Fullerton Oct. 27.

Friendship Games, a yearly event where students — most of them part of Filipino American organizations — from around 50 or more colleges, including UCs, CSUs and some out-of-state colleges, gathered at CSU Fullerton to compete in picnic-like games.

Though the SF State team hoped to regain the momentum displayed at last year’s Friendship Games, where they took first place in the Games portion, they failed to place this year.

The Games portion of the event were divided into five games that certain team members have specifically trained for, which include the Ground Hog, Tidal Wave, Alpine, Conveyer Belt and The Nasty.

“We practice and prepare for two months for just one day, and it’s really intense. It’s a really good bonding experience, and it’s a good way to make friends, hence, Friendship Games,” said SF State junior Justine Norombaba, who is the SF State Friendship Games team president.

Another big part of Friendship Games is S.P.U.F., which stands for Spirit, Pride, Unity and Friendship, where the objective is to “represent your school to the fullest” through chants and skits.

SF State did not place in S.P.U.F. or top three Games, even after being given a second chance at the Tidal Wave game due to an error made by one of the referees, according to the games announcer.

At the end of the event, Norombaba reassured the entire team that although they did not walk away with a trophy, they should be proud of themselves for tirelessly showing their SF State pride throughout the day.