Incoming CSU chancellor requests 10 percent pay cut from Board of Trustees

In a surprise move today, incoming CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White, requested that the CSU Board of Trustees reduce his state-funded salary by 10 percent.

“Despite the passage of Proposition 30, there remain grave economic issues to solve in California and the California State University,” White said in a statement published on the CSU website.  “The success of the measure was the voice of the voters and taxpayers of California to start to reinvest in education. I also recognize that Californians expect me to properly steward these resources. Consequently, as I join the faculty, staff and students who have experienced cuts, salary freezes, and increased fees, I too must do my part. This is the basis of my request to reduce my own compensation to contribute to the rebuilding of this great university.”

The pay cut reduces White’s scheduled salary of $421,500 from state funds by $41,500, but does not affect the $30,000 supplement he receives from CSU Foundation sources, according to the statement.

SF State students like junior Jose Rios approve of White’s decision, but said he’d like to know the chancellor’s specific reasons for requesting the pay reduction.

“I think it’s a great idea,” the interntaional business major said. “If you don’t need that money and you’re giving it back, or at least allowing it to be used for different purposes, I think it’s great.”

Sophomore Kat Bagby said it is a positive step in the right direction.

“If that money that he’s just cut from his own pay check goes towards keeping classes open and helping students, then I think that’s great,” said Bagby, a business administration marketing major.