THE SWAMP: Sex On Campus

In the backrooms, bathrooms, and on the rooftops, SF State students are gettin’ down on campus like there is no (job) tomorrow.

On the third floor of the humanities building there is a men’s bathroom with an extra special attraction — a glory hole. The smaller-than-you-would-think hole connects two adjacent bathroom stalls (and maybe two young hearts?) together. The dark blue plastic walls are adorned with crude caveman-like drawings of the male anatomy, effectively turning the two stalls into a shrine to muscled dudes and their members. The graffiti in this stall is a little different than your typical bathroom. Instead of tags and cartoons, there are dates, times and places written down for meet-ups. Also scribbled on the wall is “” — a gay meet-up website complete with smartphone app that uses your location to find interested guys near you. Basically, it’s like Grindr, but raunchier.