BREAKING: Cry to God provokes student confrontation at SF State demonstration


A trio of self-proclaimed born-again Christians known as Cry to God gathered at the Quad in front of Malcolm X Plaza at SF State earlier today, Feb. 14 in an attempt to evangelize students, according to the group.

“Stop masturbating and start believing in Jesus,” shouted J.K., who refused to give a last name.

The group had been demonstrating for about three hours before students confronted them at around 4 p.m., challenging Cry to God’s message and approach.

J.K. held a sign with slogans such as “sport nuts,” “pot smoking little devils,” “party animals,” “homos” and “dykes on bikes” among others which he said were words of “God’s impending judgment.”

“I don’t think they’re going about this in the right way,” Amber Bruce, 24, creative arts major, said. “It’s creating confrontation, which is not useful.”

“They’re just listening and he’s just preaching,” Evangelista, J.K.’s wife of almost 15 years, who also declined to give a last name, said.

“We preach all around and we’ve been here before,” Evangelista said as she passed out “Get Out of Hell Free” cards while her husband debated with students.

Kevin, the third member of Cry to God, filmed the demonstration and said that they do not belong to any particular organization, but instead choose to travel with their message.

“What they’re doing is disgusting,” Paige Parker, 20, recreation, parks and tourism major, said. She has encountered them on campus before and is skeptical of their motives.

“I don’t think this is real and they just come to SF State to cause a ruckus,” Parker said.