Water main bursts, Muni veers off track


A San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency M-line train veered off the tracks Monday afternoon while passing through a flooded 19th Avenue at 19th Avenue and Sargent Street.

Authorities and witnesses on the scene say a water main burst, flooding the street with nearly a foot of water and sand. No one was injured.

“Water was pouring everywhere,” Paul Swink, who witnessed the incident while working at 19th Autobody Center, said. “The entire street was flooded with about 6 inches to a foot of water.”

Shortly after the water main burst an M-line Muni train passed through the flooded area and veered off the tracks.

“He had absolutely no way of steering,” Swink said. “He wasn’t going very fast. The train just hit the water and veered right off the tracks.”

Officials at the scene were expecting delays as they cleaned up the heavily trafficked thoroughfare.

According to Officer F. Lieva, the area is a heavily trafficked thoroughfare and they were expecting traffic delays.