Protest breaks out after arrests at SF State

Editor’s Note: There is some graphic content in the videos posted in this article



Videos courtesy of Nick Morris and Natasha


Several non-residents were arrested and forcefully removed from Mary Ward Hall at SF State this evening after a fire alarm was set off in the dorm.

At around 7:30 p.m. residential advisers on the second floor screamed for students to evacuate the building after a homeless man pulled a fire alarm according to second floor residents Miranda Gonzales and Kenneth Anyanwu.

Students were evacuated from the building and shortly after a protest of about five people ensued in front of University Housing Business Office, according to witnesses.

Protesters chanted “What law was broken today?”

The homeless man and other non-residents were invited to a room earlier that evening. Tiffany, an SF State student who lives in Mary Ward Hall, had invited them to her dorm room.

“The reason (the police) knew where they were is because one of my friends walked to the (designated smoking area) to ask for a cigarette,” Tiffany said, refusing to give her last name. “One of the cops saw them walking out and started banging on my door.”

Tiffany said the San Francisco Police Department had followed her and her friends from their commune at Capitol Avenue and Broad Street and were on campus looking for them.

There were about eight to ten non-residents who were “welcomed guests,” according to junior psychology major and Village resident, Luis Garcia, who spent time with them briefly before the alarm was pulled.

“All we know is that it is some sort of Occupy demonstration,” said Albie Esparza, SFPD public information officer.

Yellow tape surrounded the area between Mary Ward Hall and University Housing Business Office in the aftermath of the evacuation.

Police escorted a man in a stretcher wearing a plastic bag over his head from Mary Ward Hall, and loaded onto the back of a SFPD vehicle. Plastic bags over the head are usually used to prevent individuals from spitting on officers.

An SF State officer was injured during the arrests.

SFPD responded to calls, but no information regarding the incident has yet been confirmed.

Golden Gate Xpress will continue to cover this situation and release more information as it is uncovered.

Update: 11:09 p.m.

University spokesperson Ellen Griffin told Xpress unauthorized people were in Mary Ward Hall and campus police responded. There were five arrests made, but the charges are unknown. One University police officer was transported by ambulance. Mary Ward Hall is now open for students with a school ID.