Gators crawl out of the library to study


Finals have once again crept into the lives of SF State students as they try their best to save their GPAs before mentally checking out for summer.

This means students face extremely long hours cramming a semester’s worth of knowledge to solidify their passing grades before entering that three-month period of no homework. While the library is a great place to crack open a book and sit for hours on end, during the end of the semester the library is swarmed with students who moan and groan in unison until the end comes.

As much of a blessing to SF State that the new J. Paul Leonard Library has been since its opening, many have found it too cramped, streaming with students. Because of this, many students look outside of the library to find their own tranquil spaces to study.

From HSS to Mary Park Hall, the Gators are using all amenities to crack down on their subjects these last days of school. Places such as dorm rooms, study spaces and the grassy quad are being used as the summer sun begins to turn its head onto campus.

Here are SF State students at work.