Power restored after outage and quake shakes campus

A campus-wide power outage that left SF State in darkness today was followed by a 3.8-magnitude earthquake that rocked the University’s daily routine.

According to a Pacific Gas and Electric co., spokeswoman, power was restored at approximately 4:50 p.m.

The outage was part of a regional shutdown that affected approximately 2,400 customers and was the result of an underground cable failure.

The outage left three students stuck in multiple Burk Hall elevators, but they were eventually removed by the San Francisco Fire Department. Buildings throughout campus either canceled classes or resumed classes, depending on the dim lighting of the gray city sky.

SF State’s Office of Occupational Health and Safety received two reports of the scent of gas, however, officer Sarah Finn said this smell is likely from the gas generators but OHS will investigate any calls that come in.

At noon, power was restored to 1,800 customers, but for now, SF State remains in the dark. All classes that began after 4 p.m. today have been canceled, according to University spokeswoman Ellen Griffin.

The earthquake hit the campus at 2:57 p.m. on the 105th anniversary of the historical quake that left San Francisco in ruins in 1906.

Several eateries and the SF State bookstore closed early as a result of the outage and quake.

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