Staff and faculty allowed temporary entrance to Science Building for priority item retrieval

In a message from President Leslie E. Wong, two environmental safety firms have decided to allow  faculty and staff temporary entrance into the Science Building to select items for priority removal.

Extensive testing has shown that most rooms in the building contain no airborne hazards, according to Wong’s statement.

“You may ask, does this mean we can reoccupy the building sooner than expected? The answer is no,” said Wong. He added that although lead, asbestos and mercury were not directly detectable in the air; there is still a significant amount of decontamination that needs to be done.

Items that are chosen for priority removal will undergo a process of cleaning and testing before they are delivered to staff and faculty.

According to Wong’s statement, after the items are removed, the building will continue to be tested and decontaminated until ready for safe daily occupancy.

The dates and times for temporary entrance to the Science Building are currently unknown.