Police investigate alleged viewer of child pornography in Cesar Chavez Student Center

Police have opened an investigation into an incident that occurred March 22 involving a 63-year-old man who allegedly used a computer in the Cesar Chavez Student Center to view child pornography, according to SF State’s University Police Department.

An SF State related person called University Police after he and his roommate saw an older man watch eight or nine different pornographic videos of young males masturbating, according to University Police Officer Enrique Veracruz.

“(The older man) would minimize the computer screen window when other students approached the computer station he was using,” said Officer Veracruz in a police report. “And then maximize the windows when they left and continue to watch the videos.”

Officer Veracruz identified the man from a photograph taken of him while he left the scene, and determined that University Police are familiar with the subject from previous encounters. He is not a member of the SF State community, according to the police report.

The gray-haired man switched between two computers made available by SF State. On one, he viewed pornographic videos, and on the other, he checked his email, according to the police report.

The roommate who witnessed the incident “said he coyly walked over to the computer terminal initially used, opened the browser and checked its browser history and saw a list of adult websites,” said Officer Veracruz in a police report.

As the older man walked away from the computers, the witness took a photograph of him with his iPad.

The SF State related witnesses studied at a table a few feet behind him when they noticed that naked people appeared on the older man’s screen, including one male who looked to be 15 years old, according to the police report.

One of the witnesses told Officer Veracruz that the males in the videos were “jacking off, lying naked, or undressing,” according the police report.

Police spoke with SF State IT Consultant Long Tran, who discovered that multiple pornographic websites were visited recently, according to the police report.

After they searched the area for the older man with negative results, police took the iMac back to the police station, where they would search its browser history themselves and store the computer as evidence.

“The only pornographic website on the computer’s browsing history was a live adult video chat room called “chaturbate.com,” said Officer Veracruz in a police report, adding that with the exception of several links, all the websites contained individuals listed as age eighteen or above.