Daily parking fee on campus increases, funds debt to seismic retrofit

On July 1 the daily fee for parking on campus increased from $6 to $7. According to Deputy Chief of Police, Reggie Parson, this increase was approved back in 2010.

Because parking on campus is not supported by the State General Fund, parking fees pay for the maintenance of the parking structure. The parking program aims to repay a 30-year debt service for a $4.2 million seismic retrofit to the parking garage through the $1 increase.

According to Parson, revenue brought in through the daily parking passes has decreased over the past years due to the reduction in the number of vehicles that park on campus. Recently the campus has increased efforts in making the campus more bike-friendly. Currently, SF State offers over 1,000 designated bicycle parking spaces throughout campus in bike racks and in the Bike Barn. You can read more about SF State’s biking community here.